What’s a first look and do we want one?


A lot of couples are throwing old traditions out the window and making new ones. One example of this is a wedding “First Look”. It’s already quite popular in America but it’s slowly making its way to England too.

Personally, I love a good first look. It builds up the anticipation and usually gets me – and the couple – all teary and emotional.

What is a first look?

The essence of it is to have a moment to yourselves as a couple before the ceremony, to take a quiet moment before all the wonderful madness starts. If you’re wondering how to do a first look, it’s mostly done if you’re getting ready separately, but it can be done in many different ways. 

How to do a first look?

Once you’re both ready, one of you will wait for the other to arrive so you can see each other in your wedding outfits for the first time in an intimate, calm setting rather than in front of all your guests at the ceremony site. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to take each other in, chat and get all excited for what’s coming.

Why have a first look on your wedding?

If your wedding timeline is looking a bit tight after the ceremony, or if the ceremony is later in the day and you’re worried you’ll be running out of light for the photos, it can work really well to have a first look because you can get your couple portraits done right there and then.

First Touch

And what if you like the idea of having a private moment to yourselves, but you still want to see each other for the first time at the ceremony site? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! 

There’s such a thing as the “First Touch”: you both stand back to back on either side of a door, half wall, or even seated on back to back chairs like in a Jewish Tish ceremony, and you hold hands while you talk to each other. Even without holding hands you can read a letter to each other, sing or just breathe side by side.

It’s a brave new world and there are many options. Any crazy ideas you might have for your wedding day just drop me an email and we can discuss them, I love crazy and I love new traditions.

manon x

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