Photos should make you cry and laugh and feel all tingly inside. They should be beautiful and artistic but mostly, they should take you back. The idea is to tell your story and photograph who you really are as a couple. If you’ve looked around my website and the photos made you happy and excited, if you felt like you knew the people in them even though you weren’t there, if you can feel the love, then I’d love to chat.


Let’s not do posed, stuffy photos. Let me capture the real, funny and intense moments, the imperfect ones. Let me tell your real love story and create something really special.

Since my work is all about connection I’ll try to get to know you as much as possible before the wedding so that you’re really comfortable with me and you can be yourselves. Knowing you well also helps me focus on your story. And to be totally honest, it’s also an excuse to make new friends!

Did you say elopement, destination, travel, adventure? Yes please! I’m based in Brighton but I’ll travel just about anywhere.

I only do 20 weddings every year so if you’re interested, don’t snooze!

As a documentary photographer I’ll shoot your wedding day as it unfolds. There are many photography styles and each photographer has it’s own way of working. No one is right or wrong, we’re just all different and unique (thankfully!).

If you choose to book me, I’d love it if we could work on the timeline of your day together to make sure we’re not in a rush and so we can make the most of the time I’m there. We’ll start by setting up a consultation meeting so we can have a chat over coffee or drinks. 

Getting to know you is an important part of how I work and the images I create, so my wedding prices include a surrender session exactly for that reason!


Nothing makes me sadder than to think that your lovely wedding photos are just going to sit on your computer and never see the light of day. Photos are meant to be printed. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!

There’s something special about making yourself a cup of tea and getting comfy on the sofa to look at your wedding album or show it to someone. They also make great presents for parents and grandparents.


I'm a Brighton wedding photographer who also loves to travel to London and other destination weddings.

Drop me an email at hello@manonpauffin.com, give me a call on 07518 626862 or find me on social media, I'd love to hear from you.

Check out my IG stories to see what I'm up to!