Sunny & Oscar, surrender session at the Barbican Conservatory in London


One of the challenges for me as a photographer is finding new places to shoot and keeping things interesting for myself. There’s nothing wrong with repeating locations for a shoot and there are a few places I always go back to but I like to have variety in my images (and in my life!). I’m not sure why, I guess we all have our own little idiosyncrasies. 

Lately I’ve been wanting to shoot more in the city. I love shooting around the lanes in Brighton and since I know it pretty well it’s quite easy, but I also want to shoot more in London.

I did a mini surrender session at the Barbican Conservatory with Sunny & Oscar. We only had very little time inside and I’ve surprised myself with how lovely the photos turned out regardless of that. Personally, I find it quite rewarding because it means I can produce quality work even under pressure.

The artist in me is always second guessing, insecure and asking questions but over the last year I’ve had quite a few difficult situations to deal with on wedding days and shoot days and every time I managed to rise to the occasion, overcome the challenge and make beautiful photos. I really don’t mean for today’s blog-post to turn into my own little pep talk but one of my goals this year is to recognise my own achievements. 

To be able to grow, it’s important to recognise your weaknesses and know what areas to improve but it’s just as important to remember how far you’ve come and how much you’ve already learned.

manon x

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