Olga & Edouard, surrender session at the end of the world


I’m from a far far away land. I’m not even joking. I grew up in the southernmost city – in the world – called Ushuaia: latitude -54,8 longitude -68,3. Although I was born in Paris and my entire family is French, I left when I was three months old (don’t panic, I left with my parents, not alone) and never lived there so I’ve always felt Argentine. By some random twist in my life I ended up in Brighton (UK) eight years ago and I’m still here.

I grew up spending half of my time on a sailboat and if someone knows what that’s like it’s my friend Olga. We met when we were two years old and she lived full time on her parents’ sailboat until she left for college. We have other things in common: we’ve both lived in many different cities and we both have a passion for travel and a hard time putting down roots. We never stopped being friends despite the distance but I guess we’ve become even closer over the last 4 years or so. 

Fun fact: we’ve actually been in 6 different countries together.

Ushuaia is a very special place in the world, the whole of Tierra del Fuego – the Argentine and the Chilean side – is very special, actually. There’s some kind of energy there. The views are stunning, the wilderness pretty much untouched (like really untouched, it’s hard to comprehend for someone who lives in Europe, unless you’ve been there) and the light is magical.

Last December we both happened to be in Ushuaia on the same dates, which is rare. Olga asked me if I could do a couple session for her and her partner, Edouard. Of course I said yes, so the four of us went on a day trip: Olga, Edouard, Stephen (my husband) and I. We got some rain, sunshine and also some snow which is pretty much just an average day over there, but mostly we had an amazing time. 

Whenever I go back home I feel like I find a piece of my soul again.

manon x

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