Jen & Jonny at Farmshop Brighton


Jen & Jonny, I’m sure you get that part but “Farmshop18”? What is that? Well it’s like Winter Wonderland but for wedding photographers. It’s a whole bunch of us getting together and getting really excited about everything photography related, all thanks to the amazing Lisa at Photography Farmwho puts this conference/workshop together.

And why do I care you say? If you’re not a photographer and you’re a couple (or one half of a couple) looking for a wedding photographer you might not be very interested in me getting all geeky but that’s fine because I’m not going to. The reason you care is because this workshop helps me grow, it helps me be more creative and be a better photographer which ultimately means your wedding photos will rock.

All the mentors bring something to the table and regardless of style they’ve all left me with an idea of something I want to work on or try.

This year I chose to do a shoot session with Tubecause I’m a big fan of his work. His approach is totally different to anyone I’ve heard before, he was super interesting and expanded my mind to a whole new level. Jen & Jonny were game for freezing their feet on Brighton beach, nearly getting run over while crossing the street and downing their coffees in one go so big thanks to them!

manon x

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