As a feminist, I strive to be an inclusive wedding photographer and bring as much equality to the wedding industry as I can.

Whatever your background, your race, your religion, your body type, your sexual preference or what you identify as, my door is open, because I photograph human connection and love stories. ALL LOVE STORIES.

The wedding industry is heavy with old traditions and riddled with biases so there’s a long road ahead of us for true equality. I will be doing my part, as best I can.

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world and you have to do it all the time!”

– Angela Davis

I have always been aware of my own privilege and every day I try to learn more about how I can use it to bring more equality and inclusivity to the world.

The measure of our success is by accepting our flaws and recognising our errors so that we can learn and do better. If you’re kind, open-minded and every day you try your best, we already have plenty in common.

Although I don’t personally believe that any deep meaningful change or true equality is possible without a complete change of system, we must always try do to our best. There is no other choice.

As a third culture kid, travel and exploration are an essential part of my life. As a photographer, I love observing people and cultures and I especially enjoy learning about different wedding traditions through my work. Celebrating our differences is crucial.

We might not be the right fit to work together and that’s ok, but I still want you to feel welcome and excited to get in touch.

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I have a foolproof plan to capture intimate, relaxed wedding photos that reflect who you are. No stress, no awkward posing and most of all… your happy memories to keep forever.

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