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Yay, today we get to talk wedding flowers! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love flowers? They’re joyful, wild, pretty and can really add the wow factor to your day. If you’re planning your wedding and you’re looking for wedding flowers in Sussex you’re going to love today’s supplier spotlight.

As a wedding photographer I can tell you from experience that styling your wedding is really important. Wether you’ve got a big or small budget and whether you go for simple and minimalistic or all out, the styling and colours you use will bring cohesiveness to your day and will show in the photos.

Flowers bring colour, texture and shapes with them that can play a really big part in your wedding day. Not least because detail shots add context to your wedding photos.

This year I’ve been very lucky to meet an extremely talented florist, funny as fuck, joyful human being. I cannot believe it’s been less than a year since that first Un-Wedding Show (the Comicon of wedding fairs) at Core Clapton in London which is the whole reason we met.

I was looking for a florist to help me out with my stand for the show and got in touch with Jane from Dove & Myrtle. Little did I know she had just moved to Hove which is around the corner from me. In fact, as it turns out, her next door neighbour is one of my previous brides’ stepdad. Small world!

If you’re planning a wedding in Sussex or nearby like Surrey or Kent for example, I’m hoping you’ll find this blogpost helpful. I asked Jane to tell me all about Dove & Myrtle and her wedding flower dreams.

How was Dove & Myrtle born?

“I launched Dove & Myrtle in 2018 having nurtured a dream of being a florist, just like my grandmother Dove, for years.  I started growing flowers and attending floral workshops the previous year to help with the grieving process of losing my lovely mum and slowly the belief that I could do this grew stronger and stronger.  I like to think of finding the courage to take that eventual leap of faith as being her final wonderful gift to me.”

Wild, relaxed and romantic wedding flowers. How could you say no?

“I hope that couples choose to work with Dove & Myrtle because they’re looking for something a little less ordinary and ultimately because they love my style of floristry.  I would say my signature style is a touch on the wild side, relaxed and romantic with a wonderfully “freshly gathered” abundance.  I love recreating what I see in nature so my work has a definite sense of bringing the outside in.  Even if they don’t know the names of flowers or have never gardened in their lives, a common thread in my couples is a love of the outdoors and for flowers to play a big part in the styling of their wedding day.”

How does a couple book your services for their wedding?

“Once a couple has made contact I arrange to speak on the phone or meet for a coffee if they’re local to chat through their ideas and plans for the day.  It doesn’t matter whether they know exactly what they want at this stage or not, it’s a starting point and we continue communicating right up to the day itself.  Once everyone is happy with my proposal the booking fee is paid and the wedding date is officially blocked out in my calendar!  Wherever possible we will meet up beforehand, either at the venue or over cake (!) so by the time the wedding comes around I feel I really know the couple and am confident of their flowers being as memorable as they hoped for.”

What do you love most about your job?

“I am delighted that generally there’s been a shift towards seasonal and British grown flowers.  I am lucky enough to work closely with one Sussex grower in particular and my summer wedding couples truly appreciate that the majority of their flowers have been locally sourced.  This particular flower farmer is also happy for my clients to visit with me a few weeks before the wedding and it’s such a real treat to see their wedding flowers growing on the field!”

That’s right, you can take a field trip with your florist and see in the field. How awesome is that? Sign me up!

Jane flowers events, parties and editorial shoots as well as weddings. She says “ the best part of the job for me, aside from basking in the beauty of all the flowers and foliage I work with, are the connections I make with clients and other suppliers.  Connecting with people is high on my list of values and an incredibly positive aspect of what I do especially when they share my sense of fun and a refusal to take life too seriously.”

“However, my absolute hands down no question about it single most favourite part of every wedding job is delivering the bridal party flowers and by that I mean THE bridal bouquet.  It also happens to be the most nerve racking part of the day!  However, the look on the bride’s face when she holds her bouquet for the first time is wonderful and that one special moment makes all the long hours put into creating her dream incredibly worth it.”

Any top tips for couples planning their wedding?

I couldn’t agree more with Jane’s answer: “My top tip for any couple planning a wedding is be yourselves and don’t be afraid to go against what you think is expected if it doesn’t work for you.  Easier said than done at times but be brave and be happy!”

So there you have it: be brave, be wild, be happy. Who knew that a blogpost about wedding flowers could actually become about life goals!

If you fancy checking out the rest of the photos I took at Jane’s studio, head over to the gallery.

I’d love to know what your dream wedding flowers look like so don’t be afraid to tell me in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram with some inspiration photos. 

manon x

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