Finding each other isn’t easy. There’s millions of people out there!

If you’re here, presumably you’re getting married and you’re looking for a wedding photographer so let’s cheer to that: you’ve found the one person who you want to share everything with, forever!

I’m here so that in quite a few years time, when you look through your wedding photos you think “Hell yeah, what an amazing day. We looked pretty damn hot…” but, I’m also here to capture all those little in between moments that you might miss out on while you’re swept away by the whole thing.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
The Little Prince



Decide how many hours you want to book me for.

The wedding packages include a complimentary surrender session because it really makes a difference on the wedding day when I’ve had a chance to build a connection with my couples.

Don’t freak out, it’s super relaxed. We just get together to do something fun and you get beautiful intimate photos of the two of you.


You want to go ahead and book? Great news. let’s do this

There’s a 50% booking fee to confirm your date. Once the booking fee has been paid, I’ll be locking that date for you and turning down any other enquiries which is why it’s non refundable.


The next step is the consultation meeting.

If you’re booking me for a wedding or civil ceremony my prices include a consultation meeting in Brighton/London. It’s good to meet up so we can talk about how the day is going to go and get to know each other a little.

If you’re not local to Brighton we can arrange a Skype call or have a chat over the phone.


As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. What does this mean? Well, my style is documentary, so I’ll shoot your wedding day as it unfolds, I won’t be posing people.

There are many wedding photography styles and each photographer has it’s own way of working. No one is right or wrong, we’re just all different and unique (thankfully!).

Since my work is all about connection I’ll try to get to know you as much as possible before the wedding so that you’re really comfortable with me and you can be yourselves. Knowing you well also helps me focus on your story. And to be totally honest, it’s also an excuse to make new friends!

My wedding prices include a consultation and if possible I’d love to meet you before you book so that we can all be sure we’re a good fit. If you can’t make it down to Brighton, a Skype session is a good alternative.

It’s absolutely fine if you’re meeting with other photographers, in fact I think that’s great, it means photography is an important part of your day. All I ask is that you let me know.

If you choose to book me, I’d love it if we could work on the timeline of your day together to make sure we’re not in a rush and so we can make the most of the time I’m there.

manon x


8 hours coverage

with complimentary engagement session


10 hours coverage

with complimentary engagement session



2 hours coverage

with consultation meeting


3 hours coverage

with consultation meeting



Surrender session or proposal shoot


for the first hour and £75 for every additional hour



Wow, we love the pics thank you. Literally can see the story unfold and the emotion!!! We can’t thank you enough for capturing the beautiful moments. We’re so grateful for capturing our journey from the engagement to the wedding!




How many photos will we get?

For 8 hours of wedding coverage you’ll receive around 400 fully edited photos and for 10 hours around 500. Narrative is very important in my work so although I’ll make sure you have plenty of choice, I won’t just throw photos in there if they don’t add to the story.

For surrender sessions and proposals I aim to deliver around 40 photographs.

When will they be ready?
I say it takes me between 6 to 8 weeks to edit a wedding depending on how busy I am. In reality, it’s never taken me more than 5, but I like to be prepared in case I run into software issues or get really ill. I’ll always try to get your photos ready as soon as possible because I know you’ll be excited to see them, just think that I only get one chance to get them right and they’ll last you a lifetime.
How will you send us the photos?

First I’ll send you the link to the online gallery so you can share it with friends and family. You’ll also be able to order prints straight from there and share it on social media. I’ll then send you a USB stick with all your files, high-resolution for printing and low-resolution ready to be uploaded to the web.

What does the wedding price include?
  • Complimentary consultation meeting in Brighton. If you can’t make it down to Brighton we can do a Skype meeting instead.
  • A complimentary couple session before the wedding. If you live far away you might have to come to Brighton for the session or we might be able to arrange a pre-wedding shoot instead.
  • Travel within a 1h drive from Brighton.
  • Digital files of edited photos (around 400 for 8hs coverage)
  • A slide with photos of your wedding.
  • Online gallery with your photos.
  • App with a selection of your photos (it’s limited to 100 photos) to install on your phones and tablets.


  • Prints. You’ll be able to order those from your online gallery or you can take the files to a print lab of your choice when your USB arrives.
  • If your wedding is more than 1h drive from Brighton, I will have to quote for extra travel costs on a case by case basis.
  • Accommodation. If you’re having a destination wedding or you live far away and I need to spend a night or two away from home I will charge for accommodation unless you can offer somewhere for me to stay. I’m pretty low maintenance and happy to make friends, especially if they’re going to be at the wedding!
  • Albums. If you’d like to order an album I’ll treat that as a separate order and we can talk about it after I’ve delivered your wedding photos.
  • A second shooter. If you’d like me to bring a second shooter along I’m happy to give you a quote, just ask!
Do we have to feed you at the wedding?

Yes please! I’m not fussy and I don’t have any allergies. I’d always choose meat over veggies (that’s the Argentine in me) but whatever your guests are having will be fine for me. Feel free to sit me with your friends and family, I’d love to get to know them and hopefully they’ll have stories to tell me about you!

Do you do formal shots?

Yes. Formal shots with your close family are important and although they’re not the cornerstone of my work (which is why I don’t show them on my website) we’ll make time for them if they’re important to you. They’re not compulsory so you don’t have to have them, but your parents and grandparents will probably appreciate having some. They’ll take about half an hour and we’ll think about them carefully before the day.

Can you send us the RAW files?

My job is to tell a story and for this, selecting and editing the photos is as important as taking them; I don’t give out unedited pictures or RAW files. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t expect a writer to publish his first draft for a book without editing and polishing it, right? This is the same. There’s a lot more to photography than just pressing the shutter.


When you’re ready to book just drop me an email and if you have any questions let’s grab a coffee!

Email me: hello@manonpauffin.com

Call me: 07518 626862


I'm a Brighton wedding photographer who also loves to travel to London and other destination weddings.

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