Everything you need to know about Brighton Town Hall Weddings

Are you researching Brighton Town Hall weddings? In this blog post you’ll find everything you need to know to get married at the Brighton Registry Office – from the marriage legalities and paperwork to the best wedding photography spots in Brighton.

You’ll also find some more general information about Brighton weddings on this page if you fancy checking it out and lots of wedding planning tips on my other blog posts.

Hi, I’m Manon – documentary wedding photographer in Brighton and Sussex.

I create intimate wedding photographs filled with emotion for couples who follow their hearts. I’d love to share my knowledge with you so that you can plan the amazing wedding you deserve.

About the Venue – 

Brighton Town Hall is a grade I listed building that was built between 1830 and 1832 on the site of what used to be the Priory of Bartholomew and then a market place until the 17th Century. It was designated as a world heritage site in 1971.

What you need to know about Brighton Town Hall Weddings – 

Address: Bartholomew Rd, Brighton BN1 1JW

Contact: to book, call 01273 292 016 or email

Website: Brighton Town Hall

Parking: street parking in central Brighton is always tricky so I would recommend using a carpark. The Brighton Town Hall is in parking zone Z. I don’t recommend planning to park on the streets unless you have a permit as this will incur a fine. Pay at the machine bays are restricted to a few hours only and spaces are very limited, especially on weekends.

The nearest car park is The Lanes car park. If you would like to park a wedding car outside Brighton Town Hall, you will need to contact the security staff on 01273 291 052.

Quick facts and pros of Brighton Town Hall weddings –

• Historic wedding venue

• Great pubs and restaurants within walking distance to celebrate

• Only 5min walk from Brighton Beach

• Great photography spots inside the Town Hall and within walking distance

• Sanctioned for civil ceremonies

Wedding Confetti photos at Brighton Town Hall

Brighton registry office wedding prices and capacity –

Prices vary depending on which day of the week you choose to hold your ceremony at Brighton Regisrty Office, keep in mind that these are 2020/2021 prices.

• The Regency Room – The Regency Room can hold up to 50 guests (34 seated) and costs between £215 and £565.

• The Fitzherbert Room – The Fitzherbert Room is next to the Regency Room. It is for couples who would like a more intimate ceremony. The Fitzherbert Room can hold up to 8 guests and costs between £215 and £565.

• The Council Chamber – Our largest room is located on the second floor of the town Hall. The Council Chamber can hold up to 120 guests from. And costs between £540 and £715

How to get married at Brighton Town Hall –

To have your legal ceremony at Brighton Town Hall you will need to give notice of your intention to get married. You will be asked to sign a legal statement to say you intend to get married or form a civil partnership, this is called ‘giving notice’.

Once you’ve booked your ceremony venue (in this case Brighton Town Hall), book an appointment with Brighton Registry Office. This appointment is to make sure you’re both legally free to marry and it usually lasts about half an hour. You will be interviewed separately and they will ask you simple questions about yourself and each other. Easy peasy!

What paperwork will you need?

  • You must have lived in Brighton & Hove for at least 9 days
  • You need to give notice at least 29 days before your ceremony and you can do it up to 12 months in advance.
  • Bring valid ID such as your passport or EEA card.
  • Bring proof of residence like your Council Tax bill, your driving licence or a bill less than three months old.
Brighton Town Hall wedding photos

Brighton Town Hall wedding ceremonies –

Once you’ve had your interview with the Brighton Registrar (this is the wedding day interview, not your giving notice interview) you will be introduced to the ceremony room and you’ll come in together or separately depending on your choice.

Introduction –

The registrars will then welcome you and your guests to the Town Hall and give a short introduction on what marriage means in England.

Legal Declarations – 

This is the important bit where you legally marry each other and say yes. They’re composed of two declarations that must be spoken by each of you and repeated after the registrar. Normally the Registrar will ask you both to choose beforehand which version of this declaration you would like to use as there are three slightly different versions. 

Exchanging rings –

If you choose to exchange rings, the registrar will ask you to place the ring on the third finger of the left hand and hold it there while you repeat a few words after the Registrar which is a declaration of commitment to each other. You can also choose to exchange a kiss instead.

The signing of the registrar –

You and your witnesses will be asked to sign the registrar during which time I’m not allowed to take photographs. It’s up to you if you’d like a staged photo of signing the registrar with a blank page. You will then be presented with your marriage certificate!

The technical details:

  • You will need at least two people with you to serve as witnesses to your marriage, this can be any relative or friend but they must understand English. Register Office staff are not allowed to act as witnesses.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the ceremony for the registrar interview (this is to confirm your identity and that you still want to get married).

Are you after a relaxed and creative wedding photographer who will capture who you are and the moments that matter most in a natural, effortless way?

Best wedding reception venues near Brighton Town Hall – 

Brighton is a great cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer and many of it’s best restaurants and pubs are within walking distance of the Town Hall which is why it’s such a perfect place to get married. There are far too many great restaurants and pubs for your wedding reception to name them all so I’ve shortlisted a few with different styles to give you a starting point. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this list then please get in touch so I can help you.

Fabrica Brighton – Wedding Venue

A former Brighton Trinity Chapel built in 1817, Fabrica is now a contemporary art gallery also available to host your Brighton wedding.

Patterns Brighton – Wedding Venue

Bar/restaurant, this is a great alternative wedding venue right across from the Brighton Palace Pier.

Pubs for your Brighton wedding

The Cricketers, The Mesmerist or The Walrus are all great choices and only a very short walk from Brighton Town Hall. 

Restaurants for your Brighton wedding

The Coal Shed, The Salt Rooms, Riddle & Finns, Plateau, The Ivy, Lost In The Lanes.

Which venue, restaurant or bar you choose to celebrate will depend on how many guests you’d like to have and what’s your style. Chilled lunch at an independent gourmet coffee shop, full wedding reception with dinner, dancing and more or intimate dinner and drinks for two. Brighton has it all!

Couple portraits after getting married at the Brighton Town Hall

Best wedding photography spots in central Brighton – 

Time passes faster than you think and your wedding day goes by in a blur. I believe that you deserve photos that capture who you are, the emotions and your love story in a truthful, effortless way so that you never forget your wedding or the way you felt.

Weddings are a collection of moments that represent your life together and all the days that have led you here. They’re a celebration of love, friendship and all the values that are important to you. Your love is unique and I believe that you deserve meaningful wedding photos that honour your story and capture who you are.

The Answer Is Simple: to get beautiful, natural wedding photos you need a photographer who cares and who will take the time to get to know you BEFORE your wedding. It’s my job to create a space where you feel comfortable and you can be yourselves, unapologetically. This is why I exclusively photograph 20 weddings per year. Don’t snooze!

If you’re getting married at Brighton Town Hall you’ll have a variety of backdrops to choose from for your wedding photos and couple portraits. As a wedding photographer, there are a few things you should keep in mind when making your choice. Always discuss this with your wedding photographer to get the best advice.

Couples getting married in Brighton

How to get the best wedding photos in Brighton –

  1. Choose a wedding photographer you trust and whose work you love.

As a wedding photographer, I truly believe everyone can look great in photos as long as they’re comfortable and having a good time. Your wedding photographer will be with you all day and your wedding photos will forever be attached to the way you felt so it’s important you choose someone whose personality you like. Have a chat with your photographer before booking, whether it’s in person or via video call. This will give you a good idea of whether you’re a good fit or not.

  1. Consider the light.

The first thing to consider is the light. What time of day will it be when you’re doing the photos? Check what the daylight hours will be on your wedding day.

  1. Avoid the crowds.

Brighton gets extremely busy during the summer, particularly on weekends and bank holidays. Have a chat with your photographer about whether this will be an issue depending on what your expectations are for your couple portraits.

  1. Keep in mind the weather. 

This being England it’s always a good idea to prepare for rain but something else you might want to keep in mind is the wind. It can get extremely windy in Brighton which can make photos outside a bit difficult, especially if you’re not wearing warm enough clothes so make sure you plan your outfit accordingly if you’re tying the knot in winter. Unfortunately Brighton doesn’t have any large covered spaces like markets so if it’s raining a lot you might have to take refuge in a café or restaurant and do the photos inside. Don’t worry, this can work out really well and it makes for snuggly photos!

  1. Golden hour.

I always ask my couples to set aside ten to fifteen minutes for couple portraits around one hour before sunset on their wedding day. I do this not only because this is the best light for photos but also because usually by this point you’ll be more relaxed. It’s also a great time to sneak away from everyone and spend some time together to reconnect. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

There are many secluded spots that make for super cute photos only a short walk away from The Town Hall but it’s always a good idea to allow for plenty of time if this is something you’d like to do.

More about Brighton weddings –

I hope that you’ve found this blogpost helpful but if you need more help don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also check out the rest of my blog for more wedding planning tips and I have a dedicated page for Brighton weddings and Sussex weddings.

manon x

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